disconnect jandy lxi from automation


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May 9, 2011
Jandy LXI heater is not turning on. I tried to put it in service mode to bypass automation and see if the heater worked, but i was told this did not completely bypass the automation. How do i bypass the automation? Can i just unplug the communication cable from the heater? thank you!


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Jul 21, 2013
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I think you can turn off remote control without any wiring change.

See page 28 in https://www.jandy.com/-/media/zodiac/global/downloads/h/h0286900.pdf Configure the Control Panel

1. Make sure the control is in the OFF mode.
2. To enter the Service Setup mode, press and hold the MENU button and then the POOL and SPA buttons for 5 seconds.
NOTE The display will revert back to OFF after 1 minute since the last key press.
3. Press the Up or Down button to display REMOTE. Press the MENU button. The SELECT REMOTE OFF (default remote) appears. Use the Up or Down button to scroll through the Remote options. When you reach HI-LO-COM, press the MENU button to select the remote. Press POOL or SPA to exit Service Setup mode

- or- you can...

Take the 2 wire cable and disconnect it form the EasyTouch and wire nut the wires together. The wires need to be connected to complete the circuit and turn the heater on.
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