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Jul 11, 2013
Fort Salonga NY
I'm looking for a better solution for my discharge line. I'm handy enough to do the installation but am not so good at the planning stage. Here is my current situation.

I have a Jandy A0553645 2-Inch Side Mount Multi-Port Valve. Attached are pictures showing the assembly at the end of the valve for the discharge hose.

I got sick of the thin ones breaking all the time so I got a Maxx Flex 2" Dia. x 100 ft HydroMaxx Heavy Duty Lay Flat Discharge and Backwash Hose for Water Transfer Application w/6 Bar Agricultural Grade Construction in April 2018 and it has just burst. I could really use 150' to get the hose a little further down my property. The hole is about 30' from one end.

I would like to have something that is easier to attach and detach if possible rather than using the clamps I currently am using.

I usually just fold back the hose in sections so it lays flat near the pump. It is always stored in the shed in the offseason. I have an old garden reel that I use for that.

You guys are the experts, please share your ideas. I am not looking to run PVC pipe though.


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Maybe a fire hose?

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