Disaster preparedness question for chem geeks on pool water


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Apr 17, 2010
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Let's say that along comes your typical disaster---pick your favorite disaster movie, and you are forced to drink water from your pool. I am particularly wondering what effect the CYA in the pool water would have on my delicate internals! Is it enough that it needs to be filtered out, boiled out, counteracted with something, or is it a non-issue?
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We were just talking about that earlier today. Since we can purify 40,000+ gallons a day, all we need is a pool to keep people in drinking water for a long time! Moral of the story is make friends with a guy with a R/O rig and you'll be fine :cool:


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Apr 1, 2007
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I'm thinking there may be an equation that will help.

It goes something like "the drinkability of the pool water will be directly proportional to the seriousness of the disaster multiplied by the thirst of the individual"
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