Dirty pool cover cleanup?


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Jun 14, 2020
Houston, TX
Hi everyone. I am using the black vinyl pool cover included with my Bestway AGP. I take it off in the afternoon and put it back on in the evening. The problem is the accumulation of dirt, leaves, and water. It's protecting the pool water, but the cover is so big that when I am in the process of removing it, inevitably part of the cover sinks into the pool and all the dirt and debris falls into the water. Any ideas?


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May 8, 2012
Southeast Michigan
The same thing happens to me sometimes.
I do it two different ways. 1. pull it off and let the crud dump in the pool. Skim and vac it and call it good.
2. Fold over parts of the cover and pull it out, making sure the crud stays in the cover as I pull it over the wall of the pool. When I get to where the cover is almost out of the water, I fold over the end, pull it out from the end that's still in the water and make sure the crud is still in it. Pull that end out and all the crud and water dump onto itself outside the pool. Hope that makes sense.

Others have said, while its still on the pool they use a hose and spray off the crud into the skimmer. Then remove the cover. I'm considering trying this but have not yet.


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May 30, 2012
Montville NJ
If there is a lot of crud, I spray it towards the skimmer. If there is just some, I just roll it up. Mine is on a reel, so the whole fold one side and pull it off the pool thing does not work fo rme.

If I am taking it off because I am going to clean the pool, sometimes I just let if all fall in.