Directions on submitting pictures of Pool Build


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Mar 27, 2007
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Step One

This is what your main page should look like:


Step Two

Now that you are at your Photobucket main page, here you can create folders (called subalbums) to keep your picture collection neat. This is also where you go to upload your pictures. First we’ll go over how to create the subalbums.

Type in the box whatever you want to call that folder. Then click create.


Step Three

This is a picture showing that it went through and created the folder:


Step Four

Now that you know how to create subalbums, now I'm going to show you how to upload photos. There is a box that has a number in it, that corresponds with how many blanks there are to upload pictures with. Use it whenever you have more than 1 picture to upload, it just goes quicker.


Step Five

Now click browse, and find where your picture is, and double click the picture. Here is a picture showing that the text box next to the browse button should now be filled with text, that should be the file path where the picture is. Repeat this with the other unused lines to upload more than one picture. Once you have as many as you can (up to 10 uploads a page) or as many as you want, click "Submit".

It will take a minute to upload, just let it be and it'll go just fine.


Step Six

After it's done it will bring you back to the page, and say that they were uploaded successfully. Scroll down that page and you'll see something similar to this:


NOTE - It doesn't rename your stuff, I just happened to name my images 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.

Step Seven

Go to the IMG text box underneath the picture you want to show off at CF. Click it so it all turns blue, or highlight it all. Then right click it and click copy. This will copy this text out of that box.


Step Eight

Go open a window and go to the corvetteforum if you haven't already. In the post you want to put the image, just paste that text, nothing special, just paste the text in.


Step Nine

Once you finish typing your message, click "Preview Post". Do this to make sure that nothing is wrong with the picture. If it won't show up, try copying the image location from photobucket again (step seven) and repasting it at corvetteforum. If it goes fine (which it usually does), then click submit post and it'll post for all to see.


Ok, I have made several of these before, and I am just too lazy to do it again. I found one on another forum and copied it here, the instructions are the same if not similar. Good luck.


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Jul 31, 2009
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Create a photo bucket account. Upload pictures to pb. After uploaded to go your library and copy the "IMG" link below the picture. Paste the IMG link you copied into the reply box on your thread. When you submit the picture should show up


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See this thread for full directions on posting photos on TFP using Photobucket.

Another option is to upgrade to TFP supporter. This increases your attachment space from 256kb up to 10megs. Enough to load around 150 photos to the forum.
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