Digital timer not holding time and date


Jan 9, 2019
I have an Intermatic PE103 timer which it supposed to hold the backup of clock via a supercapacitor for up to 100 hours (according to the specs). However, even at the smallest power outage (1 sec) is resets the clock and needs to be setup manually. Oddly enough the program timing for high and low speed are kept but only date and time is lost.

I am also looking to the Intermatic P1353 ME but reading the reviews I see people complaining that even this one at a small power outage is shows 12:00AM blinking and needs to be manually reset. This model says that it uses battery and should hold time for at least 8 hours.

Do you guys have any better experience with these Intermatic timers holding time during a power outage?
What automatic solutions are you using to prevent issues due to power outage when away on vacation?


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Jul 21, 2013
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Folks often do not periodically replace the battery in their digital timer or even realize it has a battery to keep the time in a power outage.