Difficulty getting the right "effect" out of the Intellicenter Groups


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Nov 27, 2020
I have a "Spillway" circuit. My desired goal is that:

If someone chooses to turn on the spa spillway, the valves move to the correct orientation and the pool pump turns on if it is off.
If someone chooses to turn off the spa spillway, the valves will move to the correct orientation, BUT the pool pump state will be ignored.

This is important because if the "Pool" is running, and the heater is on (its usual state during the day), and I turn off the spillway, it also turns off the pool and heater.

I tried creating a circuit group that turned on the Spillway circuit, but IGNORED the POOL circuit. However, it still turns off the pool when I turn off the spillway.

EDIT: I just confirmed that this behavior only happens when the "Spillway Circuit" is part of a group. I arranged it this way because I have a low and high pump speed setting and you can't have 2 spillways in the feature section. But turning off the group seems to turn off the entire system.

Any ideas?

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Jun 22, 2014
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Joe, I see no one has replied to your post from last week. Didn't want you to feel ignored. With the season slowing down there may not be as many eyes on the forum for unique issues. But feel free to post back to this thread as much as you like. Thanks for posting. :swim:
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