Differences between Dolphins?


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Dec 18, 2018
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So, I found out about robot cleaners here, and am intrigued. I want to maytronicsusa.com to do research, and have questions they seem to be unable/unwilling to help with.

A bunch of people here gush about the S200. That's in the "Better" class on their site. So, when I go there, I see:

Active 20

Nautilus CC Plus
Triton PS

I can find wildly different prices for each of these models, suggesting they are not equivalents or renames of each other. But what the heck are the differences? The web site doesn't say. I visited three dealers and none had any idea. I emailed Maytronics and got some some marketing babble that didn't even begin to address the question.

So, does anybody know what the differences are? How do you choose? Randomly, by color, by the coolest name?


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May 3, 2014
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Pretty much all the same. The Internet versions carry less warranty.

Call Marina Pool Spa in Denver Co. They provide the best prices and good customer service.
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May 23, 2015
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The S200 and Active 20 are the exact same robot, different colors. The S-series is a good unit for your normal everyday pool that isn't deep and doesn't have a lot of complexity to it. It runs on a single motor system and has either 1 or 2 brushes depending on the model number. The M series is a more elaborate robot that has a split-track (dual motor) design that lets it execute zero radius type turns and also has greater suction. It's typically better for a deep diving pool or a pool with lots of complexity like built in bar stools or complicated ledges. It also runs longer cycles than the S series. The T-series was something new about 2 years ago and I think it's either equivalent to the S series or possibly a lesser cousin that is designed more for the entry level market. Within a given series, the features available change depending on the model number. So, for example, an S-100 just has the most basic cleaning mode with two different cycle times and that's it while the S300i gives you all of the features of the S-series, though some are only accessible if you use the Smartphone App.

The internet models are generally lesser cousins of the brick & mortar models and online sales tend to be highly restrictive in terms of warranty. The in-store models will usually come with 2 year warranties (sometimes stores throw in that extra second year) while online sales will be typically only a year.

The basket style filter is what you want as it's easy to remove and clean. Stay away from robots that use filter bags as they tend to be more difficult to clean out.

I went with brick & mortar local buying because I wanted to establish a relationship with a shop that repairs them rather than have to fiddle around with shipping a robot out to a repair depot. I'm glad I did that as the local shop helped me out with a few questions I had early on. It's a lot easier to be able to talk to someone that repairs these units and get a feel for their performance rather than blindly buying online and hoping for there best
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