Did not open pool this summer. What do we add or do?


Jul 2, 2017
Cary, NC
We did not open our pool this summer. We have a solid cover, water bags, and the holes are still plugged. We live in NC where it gets pretty hot and humid. I haven't peaked under the cover yet. Should I test the water and get results first?
*Do we need to add anything like bleach or algaeside to keep it closed until next summer? If we add chemicals, I can't turn the pump on so they would just be stirred in. OR...
*Do we need really need to open it (remove cover and plugs, add water, then balance) and then close it again?


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Jun 12, 2009
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I wouldn't mess with it. Just be prepared for quite a mess to deal with next year. And remember to order fresh reagents for your kit before you open, with extra FAS-DPD chlorine test ones.
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If you didn't open your pool this year, then the water under the cover isn't clean and clear. At this point, you aren't going to be able to clean & clear it without the pump & filter working. Adding chlorine won't do much to clear it. The chlorine may temporarily get rid of the green, but it'll likely turn green again by springtime. Seems pointless to me to go through the trouble of opening the pool just to clear it and then closing it again. What's the likelihood of you opening the pool next year?