Did my Stonescrapes Mini Pebbles Re-Plaster go WRONG???

May 2, 2018
Santa Clarita
Hello. On Friday April 27 my pool was demo and replastered using Stonescrapes Mini Pebbles, Tropics Blue color. The PB returned 24 hours later on April 28, and a single guy did some acid wash then refilled the pool. The PB returned Monday April 30 and added something to the pool, vacuumed the pool, and turned the pump on for 24 hours. The PB told me there was no maintenance that I needed to do like sweeping the pool.

Here is where I am worried. Parts of the pool like very nice with the mini pebbles, however there are many portions where it looks baby blue-ish in color and it looks like chalk or paste was rubbed over the mini pebbles. Is that normal and expected? Or did they not acid wash off enough of the "plaster cream" (stuff I learned from googling the process)? Is this normal and should I accept it or should all the cream be removed?

If not acceptable, is there a way to fix it? I have been scrubbing, even though I was told I didn't have to by PB, but see no changes in last 3 days. My PB said if I really want all the cream gone I would need to drain the pool again and acid wash the pool more. What are your thoughts on that?

Last questions, is it normal and acceptable to have waves in pool plaster bottom that become very obvious when the pool light is on at night?

Thanks for any opinions, maybe I am over-reacting and everything is normal and fine.



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Jul 16, 2012
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Nighttime lighting can make it look like a toddler built your pool because of the shadows the low light angle creates. You can expect to see imperfections and you just mostly live with whatever you've been dealt in that regard.

Potentially it could be worth having them drain and acid wash some areas further. We'll see how others reply on that.
May 2, 2018
Santa Clarita
Well my PB says he is very sorry I am upset with the replaster and he will drain and demo and replaster my pool again for free. I was shocked he offered that. I guess deep down he knows it was poorly done.