Did I receive the wrong lateral assembly


Apr 6, 2021
Mesa, Arizona
first time post.

I am replacing my lateral assembly. The reason why may be explained in another thread. Let's just say the thread about how all sands are not created equally was very useful

My pool filter: Hayward s244T2
The lateral assembly part number. SX244DA
I double checked and the part is compatible with my pool filter model.

It came in today and the lateral assembly looks different.
While I wait for a Hayward tech to call me back I thought I would just ask on here for some thoughts and opinions.

The new assembly (on the left) is about 3/4" taller and has a more narrow center pipe. I tested the part. While the original on the right fit snug over the bottom portion of the multiport valve, the new one on the left fits snug on the inside of the multiport valve,

Do you feel that this will still work the same? Does it matter if the pipe is inserted on the inside of the bottom of the valve unit vs. hugging the botton portion?


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Mar 2, 2011
What is the serial number for the filter?

What year was it made?

SX244DA Folding Umbrella Lateral Assembly with Center Pipe (S244T, S270T) (1997- ).
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Apr 6, 2021
Mesa, Arizona
Installed the lateral assembly and replaced the sand a second time with better sand.
However Hayward finally got back with me via email to tell me I had the wrong part.
S244T uses SX244DA
S244T2 uses SX244DAX2

How is it running? Well, I replaced the sand and the multiport valve in early March (Hayward confirmed my new multiport valve is the correct one). I had issues with water flow in backwash pipe while filtrating, water flow in pool jets while backwashing etc. The only issue I dont have anymore is leaking sand in my pool but that is likely because I am using the correct #20 silica sand now when a month ago I purchased the 20/40 Quickcrete sand at Home Depot. Now it seems to be filtering fine with only a 5-6 PSI. Backwash is a very weak flow and I sometimes have to prime it via "waste" to get a better flow through the backwash. However everything from the backwash is clear (Rinse mode is also weak but some debris comes out). Yet there have been instances where I have seen dirty water being jetted back into the pool. Almost like the water is not actually being filtered rather its just being recirculated.
I also have to consider that the new multiport valve has a manufacturing defect (I swapped out the key assembly with the old valve and the odd behaviors still occasionally happen)

My original lateral assembly is not damaged as far as I can see. It was just so full of sand from using the wrong sand I just thought it would be better to buy a new lateral assembly just to be safe. So instead of eating my losses and buying a 3rd lateral assembly, I could just deep clean the old one.

As far as if I can return the old lateral assembly after days of use, I bought it from a seller on Amazon. And Amazon said the part would fit my filter model number. So maybe Amazon will claim responsiblity and refund.


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Apr 6, 2021
Mesa, Arizona
Actually my original lateral assembly is damaged. I had forgot that the sand that got jammed in there causes scratches on the ball joints of the laterals. So I will need to buy another new lateral assembly hopefully the right part.

After a few days of testing I decided to hook the floor vaccum. And sure enough, like before, the dirt is being sucked up and rejected back into the pool via my return lines, And with the backwash is very weak flow. It is like the water is not even going through the sand and the laterals.
I really think the brand new multiport valve I bought last month is faulty but I really cannot make that claim until I use the correct lateral assembly and test again