Diamond Brite flawed application? Opinions please


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Oct 9, 2015
baton rouge

Late last fall I had my pool built. At handover I was told to brush it down daily for a month and check chems. I did both religiously, and kept chems dead on perfect. I soon had to cover the pool as winter came on but still monitored the chems weekly and did my best to keep pool clean from leaves and such. The weather here rarely goes below 50F

Finally the cover came off this week, cleaned it up and its sparkling blue and gorgeous. But now with the cover finally off, I notice lots of markings in the diamond brite. This is the same diamond brite I had at a previous home in the past, but I never remember seeing this before, so I am now wondering if it was applied properly and if there might be long term problems.

At first I thought it might be just dirt or minor distortions, but after getting in there and scrubbing, it became apparent that these are permanent and not going anywhere.

The pictures attached are untouched. It would actually be far more apparent if I would have waited later in the day when the sun was not directly on top, but you will get the idea. I circled the areas in question.

Hoping someone can give an opinion based on their experience. I paid a lot extra for Diamond Brite so I was expecting great results. Its not the end of the world but it does bother me looking down at this.

Thanks in advance.