Diagnostic Procedure for testing Pentair IntelliChlor PCBA 520723


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Jul 7, 2010
Does anyone have info on testing the control board in the Easy Touch power center? My IC 60 stopped giving me a salt reading in ScreenLogic about two months ago, yet still functioned properly. Then this week I have been getting an error message that the EasyTouch has lost communication with the chlorinator. I have power cycled all components, and even disconnected the cell after disconnecting power, and once reconnected get the same message.This is my third SWCG in only 7 years. I find it hard to believe I have had this many bad salt cells and am thinking it may be the control board in the load center.


Thanks in advance.



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Jun 8, 2018
The 0 Salt reading is a known issue with these generators. I had that issue with my IC40 and Pentair shipped me a replacement unit at no charge (my unit was only a few months old) and I have not had that issue since replacement. I have not seen any threads on losing communication entirely. @Jimrahbe seems to know his way around all things EasyTouch/Intellicenter, perhaps he can chime in.