DFW area - recommended pool remodel companies request


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Oct 29, 2019
Hello, new to the forum and a relatively new pool owner. We purchased a home with an existing pool in Plano, 15k gallons with attached heated spa, and knew when we bought it that it was going to need resurfaced fairly soon. We have a tiny backyard and the pool and aggregate decking take up the entire space, no lawn whatsoever. I've just started asking for quotes on a resurface, and after quite a bit of research on TFP it seems like the most important aspect (whether it's plaster, aggregate or otherwise) is the quality of installation. So if you have a recommended pool remodeling company in the Dallas area I would appreciate it.

Haven't decided how far we'll go on the remodel. Would really like to do a full remodel (pool surface, waterline tile, coping and decking) as our decking has settled in some areas around the pool so it isn't in the best shape, and am not really a fan of an aggregate deck (gets hot easily and is rough on bare feet), but it really depends on what I can afford. So far have been quoted between $3k-$6k for pool surface (ranging from white plaster to quartzscapes to pebble-tec), $2k-$2.5k for waterline tile replacement. And if I want to have the deck fully replaced (but with new aggregate, not my first choice) was quoted around $6.3k + $3k for new coping. Don't know if these are reasonable or not yet, but would really like to narrow down my remodel company selection before obtaining any more quotes.


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Jul 10, 2012
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I REALLY wished we had a search that could do it by the area the poster is from! BUT we don't so here is what I tell every one-----------------make sure to get at least 3 quotes but try for 5 or more if at all possible. Share the details with us and we will pick it apart.

New plaster=chip out. Now there are two ways to do a chip out:
-partial chip out-Cheaper and faster-this is where they only chip out around the lights, returns, main drains, etc. BUT it is not as good long term due to the now plaster will be going over the old plaster and it does not last as long due to different reasons.
-FULL chip out-takes more time and costs more-best way to go long term. This way you know they find and get out any problem areas. The new plaster has a clean surface to stick to.