Desperate for a suggestion for a new pool cleaner


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Jul 3, 2012
Dallas, TX
Currently, I have a Pentair Kreepy Krauley (a suction-side cleaner with the large, circular seal on the bottom). And I can't stand it. It has never worked right, even after I added an in-line basket to catch debris. Either it hits a pile of debris and stops (making it worthless), or it gets tangled in its own hose (meaning I have to constantly babysit it). At most, it usually runs for about 20 minutes before quitting. I have replaced most of the parts on it over time, so it is in good condition.

My pool is small (20k gallons) but deep (was a diving pool). It is kidney-shaped and unfortunately, has only two returns, both on one side of the pool (though it seems to circulate ok). The skimmer is on the opposite side.

The pool is old but the motor is new (1.5 HP). The drain set-up is odd. I can either use the skimmer or the bottom drain, not both. I added a vacuum line to the pool and a valve at the equipment that allows me to divert suction between the skimmer/main drain and the vacuum line. However, the vaccum line is positioned in a way where the vaccum tends to get tangled on its own hose more than it does when the hose goes into the skimmer, so I seldom use the vacuum line.

A lot of debris falls into this pool--mostly small leaves, tiny flower buds, and oak leaf castings (the feathery stuff that falls from the tree prior to the leaves sprouting in the spring).

I would like a suggestion for a cleaner that is adequate for my pool's size and set-up that I do not have to babysit. I do not have a booster pump for a vacuum and probably can't steal one of the returns for one either.

Thanks in advance!

(The picture is just to show the size.)



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Mar 23, 2017
Plano, TX
We have a Dolphin S200 robotic cleaner... very happy with it, picks up everything, climbs and cleans the walls all the way to the waterline, and easy to empty basket.


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Aug 19, 2013
I have the S300, functionally similar to the above. I don't know that you can do any better for the money than the S200 or Doheny equivalent.