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May 11, 2020
San Antonio, Texas
I have created a design that we are going to start with! I'm sure there will be some changes. Getting multiple quotes from different PBs in the next few weeks. Looking at a 40'x12' rectangle, with a sun shelf pushing out an extra 4' in the middle. 3.5'-4'-5'
I plan on posting every step of the way, this is going to be fun! (I hope) :):unsure: Thanks y'all!pool.jpgpool-measurements.pngpool3D.jpg
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Jul 16, 2012
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Welcome to TFP!

I thinks its a nice design. The shelf does protrude into the walkway more than I'd like for parties, but it seems like you have space constraints so you have to make those choices. Consider just going 4-5'. Verify 3.5' is sufficient for strokes and flip-turns. Others should be able to answer that for you.

Your quotes will do a lot of the vetting. What you are really after is a PB you feel you can work with, keeping in mind that the person you speak with now won't be the person on-site (when they are) or that you deal with for issues, etc. It's more about the relationship and their ability to see your side and make your dream come true. Most PB's can build their pool. Some can build yours. We can work through the technical aspects of the quote to make the appropriate changes, only you can provide insight on the PB's soft skills. Posting the redacted quotes here will get you a lot of valuable feedback.

Perhaps post a few before photos your backyard for help providing input to your situation.

And here's a guide also if you haven't seen it.

How to Pick a Pool Builder - Trouble Free Pool
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Jul 10, 2012
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Hi and welcome!

I like your overall design! The only thing I see that I would change is the bench on the right as you are looking at the house. All I can think of is stuff like dirt and such getting trapped in there and being hard to keep that area clean. I would make it straight across. Either even with the shelf or just as a smaller bench without the "points".

I would go 4' as your lower depth. 3.5 is a bit shallow for "real" swimming.

This is going to be a fun pool to play and swim in!!

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