Design stage in FL-seeking equipment advice


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Jul 29, 2014
Sarasota FL
Hi, I am designing a pool in Florida where the lots are small so the pool is 14x28 including the sun shelf plus a 6x8 spa. Depth is 3-5' at waterline. My first quote PB is proposing (all Pentair):
Intelliflo 3HP
CC 150 cartridge filter
iChlor IC30 SWG
Ultratemp 120 heater NG
one globrite in deep end, one in spa
easytouch PSL4 automation

I am asking for an LED bubbler in the sunshelf and proposing 2 microbrite color lights on the long side of the pool facing away from the house instead of the globrite. One more color microbrite in the spa. He has 4 jets, I am asking for 6. We think the finish will be stonescapes tahoe blue, or something close to that.

I would be grateful if the TFP community could offer any suggestions on the equipment above. I am mainly contemplating the lights situation and the iChlor vs Intellichlor. Crude sktch is attached if it helps. Sunshelf has one bubbler and one umbrella hole.

Never built a pool before but I used this forum in my old house that had a pool when I bought it. This forum is an incredible resource. Thank you in advance.


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May 3, 2014
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Pool Size
Salt Water Generator
SWG Type
Pentair Intellichlor IC-40
A couple items to consider.
The ET you show is the 'Lite' version. It does not have the power center in it nor can it have more than 4 schedules, total. We would suggest a full ET or better the new Intellicenter, either with an integrated IC40.
Use and Intellichor versus the iChlor. The iChlor has shown some issues and is not as robust as the IC units.

Good choice on the lights. I have the Globrites. They fail every 3-4 years. $300 a piece. And no alternatives once you have them installed.
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