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Oct 25, 2015
Palm City/FL
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Sorry for the delay, got busy with home build and Christmas travel. I think there are several solutions to the pool problem you're having and they are not something that can be easily addressed here because a competent designer needs to come out to make some measurements then design a solution. A skilled designer really needs to come out with a zip level to figure out the best solution. So you'll need to get a competent pool designer/repair company to do the repair. I'm sure at some price you can get a repair company to do the work or you may just need to make the pool usable by just not using the sunken area until you can get a contractor or possibly by adding a temporary elevated area to force water back to the pool. The second option may not work too well unless the pool is reasonably level. I suspect your pool design did not adequately design for the displacement of swimmers give the very small margin of error with the adjacent sunken area.

I wish I had a better solution.