Dent/Buckle in pool wall

Apr 8, 2008
We just set up a 24 foot round pool and everything is fine except we noticed a bulge/dent behind one of the verticals. Any suggestions on a way to fix this without draining the pool?



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Mar 29, 2008
Evans, GA
OUCH! :shock: If the weight of the water against the wall isn't pushing it out. Then I am afraid the only other way to fix it is to drain it or to drain leaving no more than a foot of water.

Shelley N

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May 1, 2007
Denver, Colorado
That is a high spot. We had them when we first set up our pool and I've seen them since then. The way to get rid of it is to remove a tiny amount from under the pool at that spot. Since there is a paver there, I'm not sure how you're going to do that. We just slipped a pocket knife under the bottom edge and you could hear it pop and ping until the dent went completely away.


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Apr 22, 2007
Wyoming, Michigan
If the paver doesn't extend very far under the upright, I wonder if you could just tap it down with a board and a small sledgehammer. The weight of the pool pushes on the ground under the liner. It is not supported (in the vertical direction) by the uprights. The only weight the paver should be supporting is the weight of the wall, the upright itself, the top rail, and someone who decides to sit on the top rail. This is why I think you might be able to tap it down. FWIW.

Apr 8, 2008
We asked Royal Swimming Pools where we bought the pool and they said the block was too high (like some of you said) and to loosen the dirt underneath it. My husband did that with a small pick and released the pressure. Hopefully, it's going to be okay now. I am glad we didn't have to drain it!!!!! Thanks for your answers.