Defective Multiport Valve?

I have an in ground pool with a plumbing issue.

When I close the skimmer valve, and leave the main drain valve open, the pump starves for water. Skimmer valve open, everything seems fine.

I’m being told my Multiport valve on my sand filter is defective. It DOES make a clicking noise when the pump is running, but it does that regardless of what position the skimmer valve and main drain valve is in.

Does a defective Multiport valve sound legit?


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

I'm with Dave on this one... Your problem is not being caused by your Multiport valve..

If you are not the first owner of this pool, the main drain may have be closed off. Has it worked in the past and just now quit working?

What made you want to run only on the main drain?

Thanks for posting,

Jim R.