Deep end not filtering


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May 22, 2019
Hey guys, we just filled our pool for the summer 2 weeks ago. Normally it’s very easy for us to to keep the pool looking good with only chlorine tabs and shock. However every 3-4 days since filling it, it’s turning green. We just realized the deep skimmer is not filtering at all. So it’s turning green because one half of the pool is basically just sitting there. Any ideas why one side wouldn’t work? My husband thinks the motor is going bad but it seems like both sides wouldn’t work in that case.


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Jul 7, 2014
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If what you said is true, that you have to have two skimmers to keep from getting algae, then how in the world do the millions of pools that only have one skimmer ever work... :mrgreen:

While having two skimmers might help with keeping the surface of your pool clean, it has very little to do with chlorinating the pool..

What you have is a chemical problem, not a skimmer or filter problem...

I agree with Marty, the most likely cause of your skimmer not sucking like it used to is that your filter is full..

Without facts we are just guessing.. We need to know your filter pressure, what kind of filter is it, and the following chemical readings...


In the meantime, I suggest you read through our Pool School and this ... ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry


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May 22, 2019
Ok we have figured out that neither of the skimmers are working. So the pool is not chlorinating. The water is not filtering. My husband thought the motor was the problem but the pool store said if it comes on at all that can’t be it. We can’t find a clog, any other ideas?