Deconstruct the hot tub assembly


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May 1, 2017
El Paso/ Texas
ok guys, first of all I would like to introduce my self , My name is Rick, I am in el Paso Texas, and currently have a in ground pool. made by Viking pools fiber glass, and have a alone standing Morgan hot tub on the side. my question is ..... Would it be possible to deconstruct the hot tub assembly and make a hole to put my hot tub next to my pool? like a spill over into pool. I am a little into the DIY environment, so I am handy with tools and construction stuff. I just don't know about the material the hot tub is constructed, and if I need to reinforce or something. it is fiber glass, I actually took some of the wood panels off the hot tub and I can see the plumbing and wiring on it. it does not seem like a hard job. it is 72 inches squared. the hot tub is complete and works good. I would like to however attach it to the existing filter on pool, I do have a solar blanket and a couple of 2x20 solar heaters in my roof that get almost all day sunlight. I do know a bit about plumbing, so adding valves pumps and PVC piping wont be too hard. I would like to have the option to power the hot tub only when heating it. the heater also works good on it. any input and ideas on how to go about this would be really greatly appreciated. or if anyone has done this before, pictures and steps / instructions would be great.

hope to hear from some of you soon.




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May 17, 2014
Benton, KY
Anything is possible with enough ambition and money. I have a spot on my deck that the previous owner had a stand alone hot tub. I had thought about one day getting one to put there if the price was right and maybe trying to run a return to it and have basically an overflow plumbed up to the filter housing area so it would stay full. Actually sinking it into a hole is a whole different ballgame. Not sure if it wouldn't work out to be about the same money to just sell the hot tub and have one built like you want vs digging a hole to put that one in.

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