Decking/Coping choice - Phoenix AZ

Apr 17, 2017
Hi all,

We are trying to decide on the decking/coping material. I was all set on Travertine until the PB and the decking stores suggested this other choice : Marbella. There is very little information about it online, so wondering if anyone here has used it and experience so far. It is supposed to be way cooler than Travertine which we have tested out. We brought home samples of Travertine (different colors) and Marbella and I can definitely tell Marbella is way cooler. Of course it is pricier than Travertine too. Attached is the comparison we got. Any suggestions?


Big Will

Silver Supporter
Feb 14, 2017
Las Vegas
I can't remember the name but if you scroll down through the build threads there is a gentleman from Peoria az that just updated his thread and he used Marbella and its BEAUTIFUL!
He was also very helpful in answering questions. When I get home I can link the page for you cause he answered some questions for me as well

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