Deck-o-seal advice


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Jun 30, 2019
Rialto, Ca
Hey guys, just a quick question about deck-o-seal here. I've never applied it, but after being left high and dry by my pool builder and decking contractor, it's become apparent to me that I will be applying my own deck-o-seal. I'm in Southern California, San Bernardino specifically. I have the product right here. My question is 2 part...

A: Its been a little on the colder side here...55-65F. The instructions have info on applying at 77F...Is it ok to apply this today, a colder day?
B: Its been somewhat windy here, not gale force, but enough to blow dust around and leaves into the pool. Should I be concerned about dust/dirt getting into the wet deck-o-seal? Will it look terrible?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
You have valid concerns. In cooler temperatures the Deck-OSeal will not flow as well and self level and smooth the top. Blowing dirt may get onto the seal while it is sticky. Depending on how picky you are you have to decide if the weather conditions are good to give it a try.