Deck help?


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Jul 3, 2010
We need deck help...

We actually moved our current pool from my grandparents' to our house. They had a redwood deck all around it with round posts in the ground for columns. We disassembled it and brought all of the pieces with.

I want to put a 2' - 3' walk around on two sides ( for maintenance) and run the deck out about 15' - 20 ' on the one side, leaving the side with the filter and pump open for easy maintenance.

I don't have a problem with the supporting, and the lay out or building, what we are having problems deciding is the best way to set up the columns. It was going to get done this spring,, and last fall. But it keeps getting put off because we just can't figure the best way.

Where the pool is there was a very large tree about 10' away, with a couple other good sized trees for company. Although we cut them out, we have the problem of roots if we dig. So we considered putting the round posts in 5 gallon buckets and concreting them in, to for a pier type column... I guess I discussed that. My husband thinks it would be a good idea to lag them into rail road ties ( he works for the rail road so this is not a surprising suggestion from him ). The neighbor said dig... but I'm afraid that anywhere we dig we'll end up hitting big roots where we need supports.

So what are your suggestions for supporting an "above ground" deck for an above ground pool? It would be appx 4' tall, there are no surrounding structures to build off of.

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Jun 22, 2009
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There are tons of ways of doing it. Your way of pouring piers is viable so is your DH's suggestion of cross-ties. The neighbor's hole digging suggestion is probably the most popular but if you're fairly confident there are big roots that might not be right for you.

Unless you have enough cross-ties laying around I'd opt for the poured piers.


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Apr 17, 2010
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They also make a "spiked" 4x4 post support. It has a collar coming up a few inches where you can either nail or bolt the post into it. You could drive a couple of these into your "problem" area. You could also use pre-made above ground concrete supports.


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Jun 18, 2010
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Am I correct that with either the bucket or the cross ties the deck would not be tied to the ground.? It would stay put based on it's weight alone?