Deck/Coping Renovation - Illinois


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Mar 10, 2010
In the process of looking for a good paver/brick installer in the Chicagoland area for a pool renovation. Going to redo all of the deck/coping around an in-ground pool - totaling approximately 1900 sq feet. Any recommendations on contractors or even what materials I should be considering?

I was initially considering concrete for both the deck and the coping, but now I'm thinking brick/stone might be the way to go due to the fact that I won't have to redo it again. My current concrete is approximately 25 years old, but the topping (like sundeck) is only 3 years old and is showing several cracks. Also, the cost of doing the concrete, then the topping, is probably close to what stone/brick would cost.

The deck is lifting away from the pool so it's definitely time for a fix. The project also includes replastering (diamondbrite, pb, etc) and tile (probably to be done separately than the deck)



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May 16, 2009
The Triangle, NC
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You may wish to post your questions also on in the forum for your area.

I love my pavers, but they certainly do get hot in the sun; you've perhaps been spoiled by your sundeck, and you may miss it if you have no shade around your pool.

Good luck with your renovation project~~


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