Dead Sea salts in hot tub


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Apr 21, 2017
Greenlawn, NY
Don't know anyone that uses salt without SWG in a spa. But if you use it and don't like it, it's easy to just change the water.

Not sure you are going to get any benefit from it. But try it and let us know what you think [emoji41]


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Feb 12, 2016
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JZ-I am going to be using the salts in conjunction with a SWG. Supposedly there are health benefits to the skin as well as with absorption of potassium, magnesium, trace minerals, etc through the skin. I don't really know more than reading accounts over the internet, but some very interesting stories of healing properties... ymmv.....��

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Maddie-Did the person like the Epsom salts?
what Kind of benefits did they see?

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Jul 21, 2013
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Jim- you are probably right... but a lot of people like to go to Israel to float in the Dead Sea. The salt concentration is probably 20,000x that of the hot tub though!
Are they doing that to:

- Go to Israel?
- Float in the Dead Sea
- Or gain any real physical health benefits?

I have found floating off the coast of Maui with the whales makes me feel great. But I have not figured out how to fit the whales in my hot tub yet.