Dead Pentair CVA-24 Valve Actuator


Oct 30, 2013
Houston, TX
Hi, I need some help on how to determine if the actuator is bad. When the pool is on and off, the valve is not responding, hence not turning at all. Initially, I thought the switches are bad but when I tested by switching the manual on the back up and down, I can see the switches turn and stop as they should. I assume that means they are still good? The motor is still rotating as it should.
Since I'm down to one last good switch, I'm trying to replace one switch at the time and test but they appear to work fine to me. By the way, I have replaced both of switches about 6 months ago already.

My question here is whether the actuator is actually bad and not the switches? What else can I check to determine that it is time to replace the whole thing?



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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

How many valves do you have? If they are all not moving, then it is unlikely to the actuators, and more likely to the the automation or programming.

Tell us more about your pool and automation.. And post a couple of pics of your set up.


Jim R.