DE sands in pool


Jul 17, 2019
Houston, TX
Hi, Everyone,
New to swimming pool and new to the forum too.
I have a Pentair 60 DE filter with grids like fans. I had it recently dissembled and garden hose deep cleaned. I got it reassembled and refilled with DE from Lowes. The DE is weighed to the requirement from the Pentair manual.
After days, I found quite some sands around the corners that the cleaner can not reach. There must be some leak inside.
So I reopened it, all the DE on surface seems to be intact and no leaking holes obvious.
Then I cleaned it again and checked the manifold, orings, grids seams. Found a small crack on the top cap metal meshes and re-patched with some JB weld glue. Re-assembled the filter very carefully and tightly.
However, the leak is still there and sands tend to pile up over weeks.

Do I have to replace all the grids, which still look pretty good to me?
I have found only one o-ring on the vertical big pipe. no orings on the grids-manifold connections.


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Mar 1, 2016
Va Beach, VA
You probably have a rip in one or more of the grids. This happened to me and I just ended up replacing them all. I hope someone has an answer that is cheaper.


Jun 27, 2008
I am having this same issue, started this week. I have not found a cause yet. Tava, have you found the cause of the issue?
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