DE filter replacement


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Jun 7, 2008
Hello everyone!

First, let me say hi and introduce myself. My name is Jake and I'm from Texas. This is my first post here. My wife and I bought a house with a pool 3 years ago, and now have a little one, and now we want to get serious about maintaining the pool.

We are getting ready to replace our ancient DE filter, and I have plenty of questions. First - I want to do it myself. I know pool ownership is not cheap, but after getting ridiculous quotes for replacing the push/pull backwash valve, then doing it myself in about 15 minutes, I am a little weary of pool services.

We have a free form pool and currently have a 72 sq ft filter, which I think may be too much filter for our pool. Here are the measurements:

19' at its widest
15' at its narrowest
32' long including spa
3.5' deep in shallow end
8' deep in deep end

According to all the pool calculation calculators, that makes it around 21-22000 gallons.

The pump is 2 horsepower.


I see websites that say 48sq feet is enough for that many gallons, but maybe too small for a 2hp pump. Is this correct? Would a 60 sq ft filter be a better option, or do I, in fact, need a 72 sq ft?

Next, is the install as easy as it looks? Two screw-on connections? I measured the input and output pipes on our current one and at their centers, they are 9" and 15.5" from the ground - is this a standard measurement, or will a new filter require work to match the pipes up?

Anything else I'm missing?

Thanks for any help, and thanks for having me!



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May 7, 2007
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First, the filter size needs to match the pump size rather than the pool size. The filter needs to be able to handle the GPM that the pump is putting out, probably over 100 GPM. You have a large pump, probably too large for that pool. As long as you are staying with that pump you need a large filter. Second, a larger filter is always better, if you can afford it. Larger filters don't need to be cleaned as often and are more efficient. For both of those reasons I would stick with a 72 sq ft filter, or even go larger, but not go smaller.

There is no standard for the height of those connections. Unless you match the existing filter quite closely you will need to re-plumb the filter connections.


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Jun 7, 2008
Thanks for the info, Jason.

Another quick question - can you use the Jandy Neverlube internals with the outer housing of the old gray Jandy valve, or would that not work?