DE Filter Grid 'repair'


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Aug 13, 2010
Hello. I have a Hayward RegenX Grid Element DE Filter RG700. After vacuuming alot of dead algae or 'pumping' the agitator & re-powering up, the filter passes DE & or algae out the return. I discovered I have a few small holes in the grid, most likely from a careless winter clean-up. Can I use west-systems or JB weld to seal these holes? I was thinking of a complete disassemble, clean up the grid, dry it out, then epoxy it on the outside. From what I 'picture' the water flow passes from outside to inside, so there wouldn't be any pressure to dislodge the epoxy once its re-assembled.. I know this is 'cheaping out', the replacement elements are $160 & up, but I need a cover this year, and the budget is exhausted.. Thanks.


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Jan 6, 2010
San Dimas, CA (LA County)
My brother-in-law was actually successful in sewing the tears up with needle and thread then coating that area with superglue. It lasted 8-9 months until he replaced all his screens at the beginning of the next summer.

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