DE Filter gone - Opportunity for Change to Cartridges?


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Apr 30, 2017
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So my pool company closed after 35 years without warning. Unfortunately my DE filter is in their basement (they acid wash them over the winter) and I can't get in touch with anyone to get it back.

Taking the position that all adversity is an opportunity, I was wondering if this is a good time to switch filter methods instead of just purchasing another DE filter. I know there are now cartridge based systems that some people like better, but not sure what is best for my application. Current filter was a Pentair+ 60. My only complaint previously is about the pump noise (not VS, probably inefficient 1.5HP).

A little background about the pool: 18X35, ~5ft average, so 18K gallons. We have a retractable cover that is closed most of the time, so the pool generally requires little to no maintenance. I throw half a cup of chlorine in it every week or so to keep it around 1-2ppm. Everything else stays pretty balanced on its own. We have a lot of trees around the pool, but cover keeps most of the garbage out. I never had to backwash the DE during the season, but didn't love them taking it to clean it every year.

I was considering taking the opportunity to upgrade the pump to VS or two speed (recommendations appreciated), and potentially switching to cartridges so I can do the maintenance on them myself. It sounds from my reading like this might be personal preference, but before I consult with a few new companies I would love to have expert opinions from here first so I am well armed with good info. Can cartridge filters maintain as excellent water quality as DE in a somewhat low stress environment like this? TIA for any input!


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Aug 10, 2012
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My cartridge filter maintains excellent water clarity in a very high stress environment. Pics in my pool thread, link in sig.

For a pump you could use a Pentair Superflo 1.5hp variable speed pump, 342001. Or a Superflo 1hp 2 speed pump.