DE Filter "Cleaning Tub"? (and need assistance)


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May 28, 2013
Hi All,

Joined and became a member a number of months ago. Happily bought my TF100 and had this great resolve to finally take care of my pool like a man should.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd nothing.

For the last 4-5 months I just blindly pour in acid and chlorine here and there and just hope. So yes, my resolve and my will have not met yet.

Attempt #2.

First thing first, I need to clean out my DE as it's been 9+ months. The pressure has barely gone up 2 pounds because I clean the pool twice a day (OCD) but the contaminants are there...and the main reason I joined is worse than ever.

I have this green algae that will pop up everywhere. No bloom, and it mostly comes off the walls with a simple brush, but the next day or two it comes back.

So my first question is this: last time we had a pool "tech" come out, it was great because he used this collapsible nylon/mesh "barrel" of sorts which he put this big cheesecloth bag inside and then could rinse off all the DE panels...have the bag collect all the stuff...and throw it away.

I've looked online and can't find anything like it. Does anyone know of such a contraption (seemed very simple) and where I could find one?

Either way, I need to clean my DE to see how much it's affecting the algae growth - and of course use the test kit and come back with measurements after the cleaning.

Problem is, I'm not entirely sure how to backwash my filter before opening it to make cleaning easier. I've downloaded the user guide but it's so barren and bland, it didn't help much.

I have what seems to be a somewhat popular model (I'm told) in the Pentair 180009 FNS Plus Fiberglass FNSP60 D.E. Pool Filter.

- I'm pretty sure I don't have a separation tank as there isn't much else besides the pump.
- Do I have a Push-Pull valve or a Multiport Rotary Valve?
- It tells me "Automatic skimmer should have Vari-Flo trimmer valve set to 100% skimmer. This will close off the main drain line. If there is a separate skimmer line and main drain line plumbed to the pump, close the main drain valve" (no idea how to proceed :/)
- Assuming I can get past the backwash part (stuck), do you lift all the panels out with the top attachment or will that be too heavy and break?

Basically, can anyone point me to a video with this type of set-up or close...or a write-up so I can figure out how to backwash? I did clean this manually once but didn't know about backwashing so I spent FOREVER getting all the crud out and made a big mess. I also took everything apart inside the unit and pulled out a panel at a time but did get it all back together.

This time I'd like to learn how to backwash it.

Thanks MUCH in advance!


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Jun 29, 2013
You have a push-pull valve.

Look inside your skimmer, and remove the basket. See if there is something that looks like one of the 2 pictures of a main drain diverter here: pool-school/visual_encyclopedia. If not, what does it look like? This may let us know if your main drain is plumbed through the skimmer, or if there is a separate skimmer line and main drain line. Also, if you could take a picture of all of the pipes and valves at the equipment pad, that may help us help you. If any of the pipes are labeled, point those out or make sure the picture shows them clearly.


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Sep 3, 2013
Lakeport, CA
Can't help with the filter information. However the collapsible container is probably just a collapsible garbage can or garden waste container . Great for RV trips too! $15 at Home Depot.

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