DE blown back into pool


May 13, 2020
Boston, MA
Hi, All -

I had an issue with my pump, which was at end-of-life and was just replaced -- but on the way to getting that done, I had quite a bit of DE blown into my (in-ground, vinyl-lined) pool.

I waited for it to settle, then very carefully and sloooowly vacuumed up everything I could see with a manual vacuum, then went over it again slowly for stuff I couldn't see. Now I'm using my robot vacuum to stir up anything that's left so it can go through the skimmer. It picks up a little bit of DE in the process but not much - I'm really just using it as a little stir-stick right now.

The pool looks completely clear and swimmable, and there's no visible DE, but since the vacuum is still picking some up, I know it's in there. My question is - how safe is it for us to swim in a pool that may or may not have free-floating DE in it, or DE on the bottom and sides that we may stir up by swimming? It's so gritty, I worry about skin irritation, or accidental swallowing (kids, not me!).

We've only got about a week left before we close it down - September is always a race with the giant maple tree that overhangs the pool, and the leaf fall is about to get aggressive. Is it safe to enjoy the pool for the remaining week?


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Jun 16, 2019
Is it safe to enjoy the pool for the remaining week?
It should be fine. Especially for only a week. DE is only harmful in its airborne state. So caution must be used when dumping it and creating a cloud. The ultra fine particles get trapped in your lungs and whatnot. Similar to concrete. It’s harmless if you don’t breathe it. (y)
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