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May 13, 2016
Waynesville OH
Hi All,

We moved into a new (to us) house last November with an existing 30' AG pool. This is our first pool so we've got a lot to learn.

The pool was closed by the previous owner in the fall. They used a floater and pucks for chlorine since the pool was new 9 years ago.

I was very happy to see when I pulled the cover off last week that the water was crystal clear.

Being a new pool owner, I heard the siren song of the pool store calling. Of course I went in and got 'pool stored'. :mad:

One of the things I bought that day was the K-2006 test kit. With that, and many hours of reading on here, I ended up returning most everything I purchased there.

I pulled my test numbers with the K-2006 and then took a sample to them. Our numbers matched.

CYA was off the scale....somewhere around 140. Naturally though, they wanted to sell me a floater and a bucket of pucks. :mad:

So I'm looking forward to the TFP method.

I realize to get the CYA under control, I will have to partially drain and refill. I'll have to do this a little at a time because our septic field is out back where the pool is.

PH was very low starting out. I've got that worked up to 7.5.

I'm targeting FC at a minimum of 8.0 with the current CYA level.

Here are all my numbers currently:

FC - 12.0
pH - 7.5
TA - 110
CH - 260
CYA - 140+ ?

Glad to be here and am most open to comments. :cool:


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Jan 6, 2010
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Welcome! :wave:

You're not doing so bad. You have the test kit and it seems to me like you have been reading plenty and have grasped the FC/CYA relationship. I predict a troublefree pool for you this summer.

I started with CYA over 200 and water restrictions in effect so my CYA reduction was also a long drawn out process. In my experience, pool water doesn't adversely affect lawn. At least you have an above ground pool so you can siphon and not have to buy a submersible pump!