Day 2 of conversion

Jun 13, 2007
I can see the Baquajunk free light at the end of the tunnel now.
I have been pouring ultra bleach in every 3 hours today. The water turned a lighter shade of green in about 15 min. and has been getting lighter all day, still cloudy and cant see the bottom of the pool yet but its getting better.

Most of the day there has been green particles floating on top of the water, been skimming them up and backwashing often.

I have been reading all the posts here and at the poolforum and couldnt of done this without all the great advice from you all


14 x 22 10k gal AG chois pool, sand filter,.....still working on the tester
Jun 13, 2007
Going into day 3 I lost 5 ppm overnight so i added another 1.5 gal of bleach to bring it back up to 15 ppm.

Still a little unclear as to the delivery method of the bleach as some posters say they add it to the skimmer.

Is walking around the pool and dumping it in not as good to do?



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Mar 28, 2007
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Walking around is fine, as is pouring slowly in front of the return, or pouring slowly into the skimmer. Some do not like to add chems to the skimmer because the pump/filter directions say it can cause damage. If your pump is running and you pour slowly, the chems will be pretty dilute by the time it gets to any equipment.

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