Date format & screen width


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Nov 25, 2007
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Two small issues -- and please do not interpret this as picking -- I love the new look!

1) if I am not logged in the default date format is Tue June 08 or something like that. Even if the post is more than a weeek old, it only gives the dat of the week instead of the day. I know this is fixed if loggen in and the date setting is changed -- I'm just thinking of the casual reader that is not a member...

2) On occasion the text width of a message is wider than my screen and I must continue to scroll left and right to read the message. This is true if logged in or not.


I know that fix is more important than improve for the next little while, but I love being able to see a little bit of the latest post by mousing over the thread name. Other sites do this and I didn't know if it was possible here.




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Thanks Steve. I'll look into the date issue. We had the problem with registered users and fixed it. I'm always logged in and didn't realize it was that way for guests as well.

On the post preview, sorry, but that is not an available feature of this software and there is only so much custom programming we can do.