Daily Chlorine Test Kit, Which One?


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Jun 27, 2012
Broken Arrow, OK, USA
So the TF-100 comes with the Taylor K-1000 Chlorine/pH kit for daily testing, which is the OT method. For about the same price, the K-1001 kit does the same test (although, I guess it's FC, instead of TC), using the DPD method. Which would be better to get, considering I will already have the FAS/DPD comprehensive test when needed?


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Jul 30, 2010
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The OTO test (T-1000) is always able to detect the presence of chlorine, the DPD bleaches out above 10 ppm. I would use the OTO or FAS-DPD (not DPD) for daily measurements.


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An OTO test in fine for everyday testing when you need to just detect the presence of chlorine, or less than 5 ppm. Use FAS/DPD test for higher and more accurate testing, as well as OCLT when needed.