D1 Breeze or Sojourn thoughts?


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May 19, 2020
Prairie Village, KS
Hi all - Looking at buying our first hot tub and the dealer I like sells bullfrog, D1, and Tuff Spas. The tuff spa is just ugly...sorry. Bullfrog is a great option but lead times are crazy which we all know. I hadn't read or heard much about D1 but their supply chain doesn't seem so impacted. Looking at the Breeze and Sojourn from the @ Home collection which seem almost identical....4 bucket seats/no lounge, about 7'x7', etc. Anyone with experience with this brand or these models in particular? I know the dealer can tell me exactly how the two models are different....just wanted to ask the brain trust here at TFP for wisdom. Thanks in advance!


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Aug 3, 2021
They are all impacted, it just had to do with your dealer and how many trucks they were able to get on order early on. Here Bullfrog is a couple weeks out but D1 is months.

That said, I just got a D1 executive a month ago. Tried pretty much all the brands and like most of D1 the best. It's a brand that has been around for a long time, patented a great ozone system, and they have some really unique designs. Owned by Jacuzzi now.

Bullfrog is a good brand too, I just found the tubs to be too angular and modern on the inside and not as curvy to fit to the body. That plus only the largest one had a great foot jet.
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