d-shard in Big D


New member
Mar 22, 2023
Dallas, Texas
Hello everyone,
I'm d-shard (David) in Dallas and thank you for your warm welcome. I'm a longtime lurker but wanted to ask my own question, so I became a member. My pool was built 48 years ago by a not-long-lived company my parents hired on the cheap. But at least I got my pool and there would be no hole the backyard I could call my own if not for me. It only took me 2-3 years of staking out pool shapes in the backyard before my parents threw in the towel and got it built. Now, the house I grew up in is now my house. It's pretty amazing that for being such a cheap pool, it made it this far without having a bank-busting issue. I'm in the process of fixing one or more leaks this week so hopefully that won't break the bank either. And it helps that I'm willling to try almost any diy project. When I read experts warning homeowners that such-and-such a project should be reserved for pros only, that makes me want to try it even more! DIY or DIE! (Except medical!)