D.E. Fiber Clear or Aqua Pearl


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Jun 24, 2007
Eastern NC
Been doing some reading and was wondering which one is the best to use? Does it make a difference? I'm using D.E. now but have been told that Aqua Pearl is better. Are they all used the same, like same amount to put in to your system as D.E.? Prices are different as are the size of bags for each.

I know if you do switch you need to clean out all of what ever you used before because they are not compatible. At least that is my understanding.



Both perlite and cellulose fiber materials are offered as 'DE substitutes'. They offer no adavantages in filtering, IMHO, but are more expensive to use. Their main advantage is that DE powder can cause silicosis if inhaled and they are supposed to be safer. Common sense in using DE powder, such as wearing a face mask and not allowing the powder to get airborne, especially on a windy day, are precautions to take. Not really any different than precautions you need to take around other pool chemicals. If you learn safe handling of your different pool chemicals it should not be a problem.