Cypress TX New Pool Design Questions

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Apr 6, 2021
Hi All!

TFP is such a fantastic resource! Now I need some help with the specifics of our pool design.

We are looking to have a 20’x40’, 4.5’ deep, rectangular, saltwater pool constructed. We want a 12” deep, 20’x8’ tanning ledge with three bubblers on one end, and a bench the width of the other end. We would also like to have lights in the pool. We want very minimal travertine coping and no decking. We are planning to have a pebble sheen finish. We are also planning for a heat pump/chiller. We are rural, with a pasture behind our yard, so we feel like this minimal style of pool would fit with our landscape the best.

We have had 5 pool companies out to provide estimates. Two of those tried to talk us into UV Sterilization and Ozone generators. One of these companies told us that they haven’t built a saltwater pool in 7 years because “no one does that anymore“. Thanks to TFP, I know that isn’t true, and that saltwater is the way to go if we want low maintenance. The frustration I’m facing is that each of these companies has a different answer for what will and won’t work for the pool we want to build. So, I am here to ask all you experienced folks for your advice.

I have attached a picture of our yard (you may be able to barely see the white flags I placed for the location of the pool), along with the design we received from one of the pool companies. I also attached an inspiration picture for the pool we want.

Here are my questions:

With such a minimal amount of coping and no decking, our skimmer lids will be out in the grass. Does anyone have experience with this? Do the lids look strange? Is it impossible to keep the grass trimmed around the lids? Does it make it more difficult to clean the skimmers? One company suggested making a larger bond beam and running 32” of coping so that the skimmers were within the bounds of the travertine, but that was going to cost $16,000!

We would like 3 bubblers on our tanning ledge, but with a 12” depth we have gotten varied information about how that may work. The three suggestions we have received are:
  1. Use Paramount Parascope bubblers that will raise to a depth that will allow the water to break the surface, and lower when they aren’t on.
  2. Use Jandy Trufit Bubbler with a snorkel attachment that sticks up into the pool all the time that will allow the water to break the surface.
  3. Extend the first step into the pool along the entire 20’ width and put the bubblers on the step since the water will be more shallow there.
I am inclined to go with option 1 or 3. My concern with option 1 is that the raising and lowering will fail over time. My concern with option 3 is that the bubblers will be so close to the edge of the pool that there will be significant splashing onto the coping/grass. What do you all think?

My final question (for now!) is regarding the process of these bids and designs. We have received bids that list out on a form what is included, but don’t have equipment numbers (ex: Jandy VS Pump). The design drawings we have received are 3D renderings, but don’t include any measurements. I have seen some drawings here on TFP that include a plumbing sketch with jet locations and PVC sizes and an electrical layout for the lights. Is what we are receiving typical of the beginning stages of a design? Does the more detailed information come later once you have committed to a builder? Or are these builders not to be trusted because they are not forthcoming with the information?

I really appreciate any advice you can offer. As a first time pool owner this is a lot of information to take in!

Thanks so much,
Pink Pineapple


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Oct 2, 2020
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I found that I had to ask a million questions to get the details about exactly what equipment and pvc size and everything else. I asked most questions in email. Some PB's I also had to ask to be given the sketch with dimensions, not just the 3D. Also, I would not sign a contract until you know what is included...and ask for the upcharge amounts if you don't go with what they include for the plaster. The pool you posted looks nice...but consider how you are going to keep grass clippings out when mowing.
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