Cyanuric acid for stabilizer


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Jul 21, 2014
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Cyanuric Acid (CYA) is stabilizer (also sometimes called "conditioner"). But Taylor doesn't make CYA itself -- they make test reagents, including R-0013 for testing CYA. Yes, some listings incorrectly refer to R-0013 as, for example, "TAYLOR TECHNOLOGIES INC R-0013-E CYANURIC ACID 16 OZ", but they really mean "Cyanuric Acid Reagent".

CYA comes in solid form in 4-5+ pound bags, bottles, or buckets, or is available in liquid form. We usually recommend the solid form, poured into a sock and hung in front of a return jet .

Getting a good CYA range (as tested with the reagent) along with the matching range of Free Chlorine (FC) levels, is very important to maintaining a sparkling clear pool. Pool School here has all the details.