Cyanuric Acid CYA "Recommended Range" Question


Aug 25, 2013
Where in the range is best? The "recommended Cyanuric Acid" range for my pool is "30 to 50".

Does that mean that the optimal/best level is right in the middle, in my case "40"?

Or, does it mean that if CYA is anywhere in the 30 to 50 range that it doesn't matter much, that it's "fine"?

Does keeping the CYA at the high end of the range, say 48, 49 or 50 have benefits over keeping it at other lower levels?

I'm wondering what is the norm amongst the pros/experts here. Keep it in the middle? Keep it at the high end of the range?

I'd love to know the answer to this. And another reason why I'm interested is I wonder if keeping it at the high end "sunscreens" the chlorine a lot better than keeping it in the middle. So this would theoretically mean I'd have to use less chlorine.

Thanks for your input & thoughts!


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Depends on were you live, how much sunlight hits your pool surface, how much bather load you have, etc.

Can you put your location in? I see it in your signature but there is a spot with your username that is better.

I would suggest for you to be at 30 except to bump to 40 or 50 for June, July, and August.

The test for CYA is +/- 10 ppm. And you round up when testing. In fact, it is best to fill to each line on the vial and then glance for the dot. Not stare at the vial.

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Aug 25, 2013
Hey, thanks mknauus. Much appreciated info.

So the test is +/- 10ppm? Wow! That's a big swing. So really a reading of 40 could be 50?

I'm in Orange County, NY. It's the Hudson Valley about an hour+ outside of NYC. The pool gets plenty of sun during the day. It is surrounded by trees though and does get shade as well. But for a good 4 hours or so it is solid sunshine hitting the pool.
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