CYA won't rise


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Nov 8, 2016
Mesa, AZ
Back in March my CYA was 50. I added 5 lbs of conditioner (ClearView primo powder Pool Water Conditioner & Stabilizer 99% isocyanuric acid) over the course of a few weeks and it didn't budge. That was using a sock in the skimmer. A little over a week ago I added 43 more ounces this time with the sock hanging in the water spillover from my spa to the pool. After the sock emptied I tested the pool water again and it read 60. Today it's back down to 50. Here are all my test results:
ph = 8.3
FC = 5.0
TA = 100
CYA = 50
CH = 625
Salt = 4800

I'm following the test instructions in the TF-100 kit, which says 60-80 is ideal for a salt pool and pool math says 70 to 80, so I'm shooting for at least 70. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for sharing.


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May 3, 2014
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There is the odd time we find some of the stabilizer products are a bust. You have added enough to add 60 ppm CYA to your pool water. Was it the same product both times?
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