CYA test question with K-2006

Mar 13, 2017
Hi, very new pool owner. I tested my CYA with the K-2006. The tests were consistent with a CYA between 60 & 70. When I read pool school it said the results are +- 15PPM so I am wondering what would i base my CYA readings on? The 60 or the 70 or is it 60-15=45 or is it 70+15=85?Confused???


In The Industry
Oct 2, 2013
Creedmoor, NC
CYA testing takes a little practice. You can always test your testing method by using R-7065 CYA standard of 50 ppm. It is basically pool water that has a CYA of 50 ppm. It allows you to practice your testing technique.