CYA Rising

May 17, 2017
Nashville, TN
This is my first summer with our new pool and I'm trying to stay out of the Pool Store. I test pool weekly with a Taylor Test kit. We've had a lot of rain, but here are the results:

pH- 8.2, Chlorine- 2.0 ppm, Calcium Hardness- 350 ppm, Alkalinity- 60 and CYA- 60.

Went to Pool Math to calculate my bleach and HCl add. Should I be worried about CYA. CYA was 20 a month ago. I do have an automatic chlorine tab adder and I have been using it with the chlorine tabs that came with the pool. It can't keep up, but are byproducts from tablets going to cause me problems. My pool details are in my signature.



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May 19, 2010
Tucson, AZ
The byproduct of the tablets is that they are raising the CYA. At this point you need to 100% stop using tablets and switch to bleach or your CYA will continue to climb and your FC will not be high enough, and likely require you to replace water to lower the CYA.

60ppm is a little high for a non-SWG pool, but not really a big deal.