CYA levels


Apr 28, 2009
Hillsdale, Mi.
Hi everyone,
I am kinda stumped on this I have been helping my Aunt open her pool for her, she is on this site but has moved into this new house and doesnt have internet. She does have the pool testing kit, not sure which one but it is for really green water.
This is all she knows about this pool, it was a forclusure home so she knows nothing of the construction of the pool it is inground 16' x 32' she thinks its 9' in the deep end. has a vinyl liner. this puppy was so ucky more dark brown than green, she started shocking it tuesday and said the water is cloudycan see the bottom of shallow end real well and some of the deep end.
Her #'s are looking better but she cant get a reading for the CYA she does all the mixing and she said it is not cloudy at all very clear?? These are the #'s she had yesterday morning-
Chlorine 17
PH 7.5
TA 140
CAL 600

This morning she sent me new #'s-
Chlorine 1
PH 7.5
TA 100
Cal 270

Told her to shock it back up to 16 and keep it up. They are just starting to vacuum today as they didnt have the hose and all the stuff needed so i know that will make a huge difference.
Since the CYA water is clear does that mean there is none?
Hope i explained it good enough for you all, we really appreciate your help!!


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Mar 24, 2009
Macon Ga
I do not believe 34500 gallons is correct for that pool. You need to take the average depth for the whole pool which is I would guess would be around 5 feet and that would give your pool in the 20K gallons range.