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Feb 26, 2020
Columbia, MS
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I have a 16x32 inground pool and am just now starting to maintain it myself, as opposed to having my local pool store handle. I purchased the Taylor K-2006 kit and performed my first test yesterday. Everything went well and i had no issues until I did the CYA test. Added pool water to the 7mL bottle and then drops of R-0013 to get to the 14mL mark. Shook for 30 seconds and then slowly poured into the small test tube. It never go to the point to where the black dot on the bottom (as viewed from above) was no longer visible. Obviously my CYA levels are low but how would i know how much stabilizer to add (my pool is roughly 19,500 gallons) ? The lowest number on the test tube is 30mL which would mean the entire tube is filled with solution. The black dot was somewhat cloudy but certainly visible. What should be the range for CYA in PPM for a saltwater pool with vinyl liner?

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What should be the range for CYA in PPM for a saltwater pool with vinyl liner?

60-80 ppm.

Calculate dose using PoolMath Best to add it in 2 or 3 doses. Add 2/3 of your calculated amount, wait a few days and retest and repeat as necessary.

How Should Solid Stabilizer be Added to Pool Water?

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