cya level


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Aug 29, 2019
tested my water this morning...heres what I got.

PH- 8.0
TC- 3.5
CH- 325
TA- 80
CYA- 45-50
Salt- 3200
Temp- 73

I added 28oz of Acid, and a bag of salt...should take care of the ph and salt question is the CYA. I guess I dont really understand what its doing. by the chart it should be around 70. Mine has never been over 60 and everything seems to be working really well. Do I mess with it or just let it ride? CSI is 0.17....what do you smart people think about this?


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May 11, 2014
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CYA is there to protect the loss of chlorine to the UV rays of the sun.

With no CYA in the water the chlorine will be gone within a couple of hours in the sun. You only get CYA by adding it or product that contain it like most solid chlorine products (shock or tabs).

We have found that you can run your SWCG at a lower % with the CYA around 70.

Whe reading the CYA tube, alwasy round up to the next highest numbe. Yours would be 50. The scale on the tube for CYA is logrithmic, so half way between 40 and 50 is not really 45.
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